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Protection of Personnel



Training needs assessments should be made regarding “Key personnel” and, for example, their safe travel to and from work in times of high risk or fear. This should also encompass infection control type risks. 


Forced Absenteeism Issues

Assessments should be made on which employees are of secondary importance to the business. These should be kept away from the premises in times of high infection rates for both their own and others' safety. 


Encouraging Personnel

At times of high risk your “key personnel” could, for instance,

refuse to travel to work. This may be assumed and relevant in times of pandemic or terrorism. Planning, training and management techniques should therefore be developed to eliminate or reduce this risk.


Safety Training and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Self Protection

Employees should be made aware of risks and hazards before they are exposed. Training and the issue of appropriate PPE should be considered to reduce fear and increase confidence and self protection.


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