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Mission Statement

Since our inception, Acertia Limited
has fully focused on transferring knowledge through specialist consultancy and training to assist organizations.

Acertia delivers enterprise-wide resilient solutions that protect people and defend the built environment by identifying threats, risks & impacts to communities, buildings, people and critical infrastructure. This is supported by knowledge of industry standards and legislation such as ISO22301, ISO22316, ISO27001, ISO31000, BS11200, BS65000, DRI Professional Practices, BCI GPG2018, NCEMA 7000, with specialist knowledge in ITIL and Civil Contingencies Act, with BSI qualified ISO Lead Auditor members of staff.  


Businesses should consider the international threat picture, specifically those raised by national risk assessments carried-out by government - identifying potential disruptive challenges. The resulting information is then used by government in developing its own contingency plans and emergency response capabilities. This risk assessment should therefore be considered, against the likelihood and impact, when developing and reviewing business continuity plans, and when considering the resilience of supplier organizations engaged in your supply chain:


• Large-scale temporary absence of staff

• Permanent or long-term loss of staff

• Denial of site or geographical area

• Loss of mains electricity

• Loss of mains water, sewerage and gas

• Disruption to transport

• Loss of electronic communications


Associated with national risk assessments is the threat from international terrorism. This threat profile is supported by constant assessments and warnings, specifically in cities, in the event that there is a need to respond to potential attacks from terrorist groups. 


Organizational Strategy

Acertia provides a holistic approach for your organization, such that your plans are proportionate to the potential hazards and threats that could arise, to defend the built environment and provide preventative controls, as a minimum


There should also be consideration of the legal obligations relating to protection of personnel, where it is important for employers to protect or defend the built environment. For instance; employers should take into account areas such as building defense and employee protection, against a range of potential hazards such as an epidemic, or an act of terrorism.


This is a two-way street that includes each supply chain dependency and its reflective weakness areas, where Acertia can provide assistance and support, specifically when considering resilience planning for your organization.

2022 © by Acertia Limited. 

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